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About BioArmor


BioArmor started because we realized that there is valid, growing concern over how dirty smartphones have become. Your cell phone is a very intimate part of your life. It's the first thing you pick up in the morning and the last thing you touch at night. It goes everywhere with you. Friends touch it, your kids touch it, the cashier at the coffee shop touches it when she scans your payment app. No matter how clean you are, your device gets dirty.

Knowing how germy devices get, and how important it is to combat those germs, our founder devised a way to incorporate our antimicrobial, germ-killing functionality into our products--always working, 24/7. You have the peace of mind that BioArmor is battling bacteria for you.



We're talking constant, germ-killing action without you having to do a thing. No sprays, lights or cleaning solutions needed. You're already buying a case and screen protector to shield your device--why not buy products that kill germs in addition to protecting your device from scratches, impacts and thumbprints? Carry your device without carrying germs.

Protect and disinfect with BioArmor.

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