Turning on an Element TV Without a Remote: A Guide

This article explores two methods for controlling an Element TV when a remote is unavailable.

Utilizing the Integrated Power Button

The most straightforward approach is to employ the physical power button located directly on the TV unit. While the industry has gravitated towards embedded controls, most TV manufacturers, including Element, continue to incorporate a readily accessible power button. This button is typically positioned beneath the TV logo, although it may occasionally be situated on the rear panel.

While the power button reliably turns the TV on and off, additional functionalities necessitate the use of external buttons or a remote. A functional standby light usually indicates the TV is ready to receive power. If the LED indicator remains inactive, a separate troubleshooting guide on our website can assist you.

Common External Buttons and their Functions

Certain Element TV models may feature additional external buttons beyond the power control. These buttons often include:

  • Volume Controls: Even in today’s technological landscape, dedicated volume buttons remain a ubiquitous feature for user convenience.
  • Input Source Button: This button allows users to switch between connected devices such as streaming services or gaming consoles, even without a remote.
  • Channel Buttons: While less relevant in the current streaming-oriented entertainment environment, some models may still include channel buttons for basic navigation.

It’s important to acknowledge that these external buttons offer limited functionality. They primarily enable basic actions like powering on/off, adjusting volume, and potentially switching between connected devices.

Leveraging Third-Party Remote Control Apps

For enhanced control capabilities, consider utilizing a third-party remote control application. These apps are particularly beneficial when a traditional remote malfunctions.

While some Smart TV brands, such as Firestick, provide official remote control apps, others may discontinue such services or never offer them at all. Notably, Element TVs do not currently have an official app.

Fortunately, numerous third-party applications can effectively replicate remote control functionality. Many of these apps are entirely free or utilize a freemium model, making them readily accessible solutions.

Some apps even allow users to personalize the control layout by selecting a familiar remote interface from a library of presets.

The primary caveat associated with third-party apps is their dependence on Wi-Fi for communication with the TV. This can be problematic if your TV isn’t connected to your Wi-Fi network or operates on a different network than your phone.


This article has outlined two effective methods for controlling an Element TV when a remote is unavailable: the integrated power button and third-party remote control apps. By understanding these methods, you can ensure continued enjoyment of your Element TV even without a remote.

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