westinghouse universal remote codes for tcl roku tv

Westinghouse universal remote controls offer a convenient solution for operating multiple devices, including TCL Roku TVs. These remotes eliminate the need for juggling various remotes and simplify the entertainment experience. However, to use the Westinghouse remote with your TCL Roku TV, you must program it correctly using the appropriate codes. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of finding and inputting the correct Westinghouse universal remote codes for your TCL Roku TV.

Understanding TCL Roku TVs

TCL Roku TVs are popular smart TVs that run on the Roku operating system. They provide access to a wide range of streaming services, apps, and channels, making them an excellent choice for cord-cutters and entertainment enthusiasts alike. Before programming the Westinghouse universal remote, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the model and features of your TCL Roku TV.

Choosing the Right Westinghouse Universal Remote

Westinghouse offers various universal remote models, and not all of them may be compatible with TCL Roku TVs. To ensure compatibility, check the packaging or user manual of the Westinghouse remote for the list of supported brands and devices. Look for TCL or Roku in the compatibility list to confirm that the remote will work with your TV.

Finding Westinghouse Universal Remote Codes for TCL Roku TV

To program your Westinghouse universal remote for your TCL Roku TV, you’ll need the correct remote codes. These codes allow the remote to communicate with your TV and control its functions. Here are three methods to find the codes:

  • Westinghouse Website: Visit the official Westinghouse website and search for the TCL Roku TV codes in their support section. Enter the model number of your Westinghouse universal remote and follow the instructions to obtain the codes.
  • User Manual: Check the user manual that came with your Westinghouse remote. Often, the manual includes a list of codes for popular TV brands, including TCL Roku TVs.
  • Code Search: If you can’t find the specific codes for your TCL Roku TV, you can use the remote’s code search feature. Follow the remote’s programming instructions, and it will automatically search for the correct code until it successfully controls your TCL Roku TV.

You can also try some of the following remote codes:

Westinghouse 3 digit remote codes

268 222 001 690 101

Westinghouse 5 digit remote codes

0178 10463 10885 10000 11577 10889 12049

Westinghouse 4 digit remote codes

0411 2511 4971 2411 1961

Programming the Westinghouse Universal Remote for TCL Roku TV

Once you have the correct codes, follow these steps to program the Westinghouse remote for your TCL Roku TV:

  • Power on your TCL Roku TV and ensure it’s within the remote’s line of sight.
  • Press and hold the “Setup” button on the Westinghouse remote until the LED light turns on.
  • Enter the first code from the list for TCL Roku TV using the number buttons on the remote. If the code is valid, the LED light will turn off.
  • Test the remote’s functionality by pressing the volume or channel buttons. If the TV responds correctly, the programming is successful. If not, repeat the process with the next code from the list.
  • Save the working code: Once you find the correct code, press the “Setup” button again to save it. The LED light will blink twice to confirm the code is saved.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter issues during the programming process or the remote doesn’t work correctly, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure the remote has fresh batteries and is functioning properly.
  • Repeat the programming process carefully to avoid errors.
  • Make sure the remote and TV have a clear line of sight.
  • Double-check the correct code for your TCL Roku TV model.


Programming your Westinghouse universal remote for your TCL Roku TV allows you to control your TV’s functions conveniently. By following the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can find the right codes and successfully program your remote. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of operating your TCL Roku TV using a single Westinghouse universal remote control.

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