Rca universal remote control codes for westinghouse tv

Universal remote controls have simplified the way we interact with our entertainment devices. RCA is a well-known brand that offers universal remote controls compatible with various TV brands, including Westinghouse. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on RCA universal remote control codes specifically designed for Westinghouse TVs. Whether you’ve lost the original remote or want to consolidate multiple remotes into one, this guide will help you program your RCA universal remote to work seamlessly with your Westinghouse TV.

RCA Universal Remote Controls

Before diving into the specific codes for Westinghouse TVs, let’s have a brief overview of RCA universal remote controls. RCA offers a range of universal remotes that can operate multiple devices, such as TVs, DVD players, and audio systems. These remotes use pre-programmed codes to communicate with different brands and models of devices. By entering the correct code, you can sync your universal remote with your Westinghouse TV.

Locating the Code List

To find the code for your Westinghouse TV, you’ll need access to the code list provided by RCA. The code list can be found in the user manual that comes with your RCA universal remote. If you’ve misplaced the manual, you can usually find the code list on the RCA website or by performing a quick internet search using your remote model number.

Programming the RCA Universal Remote for Westinghouse TVs

Now, let’s move on to the step-by-step process of programming your RCA universal remote control for Westinghouse TVs:

a. Prepare your remote: Make sure you have fresh batteries in your RCA universal remote control.

b. Power on your Westinghouse TV: Ensure your Westinghouse TV is powered on and ready for programming.

c. Find the code: Locate the code list for your RCA remote control and identify the section for Westinghouse TVs. Note down the codes corresponding to your TV’s model or series.

d. Enter the code: Press and hold the “Code Search” button on your RCA remote until the indicator light stays on. Then, press the “TV” button on your remote to indicate that you want to program it for your Westinghouse TV. Enter the three or four-digit code for your Westinghouse TV using the numerical keypad on the remote.

e. Test the remote: Point the RCA remote at your Westinghouse TV and press the “Power” button. If the TV turns off, you’ve successfully programmed your remote. Test other functions like volume control, channel navigation, and input selection to ensure everything works as expected.

f. Code not working? If the code you entered didn’t work, repeat steps c and d with another code from the list until you find the one that successfully programs your remote.

westinghouse tv codes for rca universal remote

Rca universal remote codes list 3 digit


Rca universal remote codes list 4 digit

1217 1036 1204

1712 1756 4398 0885 2434 0889 3183 0706 0890 2049 3559 1282 1300 1577 0451 3470 3579 3382 2293 3094 3949 2397 0463 1217 3899

Rca universal remote codes list 5 digit

11712 10885 11756 14398 10889 13559 12434 11300 11577 13183 13470 13579 10451 12049 11282 13382 13949 13094 12397 10463 13899 12293 11217 10000 10810 12337

Code Search Method (if code list is unavailable)

In case you couldn’t find the specific code for your Westinghouse TV, the RCA universal remote also offers a code search method. This method allows the remote to cycle through all possible codes until it finds the correct one. The process involves pressing buttons on the remote in a sequential manner while the remote automatically tests each code. Detailed instructions for the code search method can usually be found in the RCA remote’s user manual.


By following the steps and guidelines outlined in this comprehensive guide, you should be able to program your RCA universal remote control to work with your Westinghouse TV effortlessly. Remember to consult the code list provided by RCA or use the code search method if the list is unavailable. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your Westinghouse TV with a single remote control!

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