Hisense Tv won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes 7 Times (Quick Fix Solution)

If you’re experiencing the issue of your Hisense Tv won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes 7 Times, there are several key factors that could be causing this problem. One possible cause is a malfunctioning circuit board within the TV. Another potential culprit could be a faulty LED backlight. Additionally, blown capacitors can also lead to the 7 times red light flashing on your Hisense TV.

To begin troubleshooting this issue, a good first step is to try resetting your TV. Resetting the TV might resolve the LED light blinking problem. However, if resetting doesn’t solve the issue, it’s recommended to proceed with further troubleshooting steps.

Firstly, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the circuit board, capacitors, and backlight for any signs of defects or damage. If any of these components are found to be defective, they should be replaced accordingly. By addressing and replacing the faulty parts, you can potentially resolve the 7 times red light blinking problem on your Hisense TV.

For a detailed guide on how to solve the Hisense Tv won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes 7 Times, continue reading this article.

Hisense Tv won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes 7 Times (Quick Easy Solutions)

Encountering a situation where your Hisense TV fails to turn on, accompanied by a flashing red light 7 times, can be frustrating. This article aims to provide insights into the possible causes behind this issue and offer effective solutions for resolving it.

1. TV’s Faulty Circuit Board

One of the primary culprits behind your Hisense Tv won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes 7 Times is a defective internal circuit board. This board is responsible for processing the 5V standby voltage received from the power supply board, enabling your TV to function seamlessly.

Several factors can contribute to the circuit board’s malfunction:

  1. Worn-out, damaged, or defective internal components within the circuit board.
  2. Power surge or high voltage fluctuations.
  3. Aging or physical deterioration of the board.
  4. Short circuit occurring on the board.
  5. Inconsistent power supply due to a damaged or disconnected power cable.
  6. Presence of warped, swollen, or burnt areas on the board.
  7. Loose or defective wire connections.
  8. Overheating of the TV.
  9. Malfunctioning electrolytic capacitors.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
  1. Turn off your Hisense TV and unplug it from the wall outlet.
  2. Remove the back panel of your TV to access the circuit board located inside.
  3. Identify the circuit board, which is the largest and heaviest board on the backside of your TV.
  4. Use a tester to examine the components of the board and identify any faulty ones.
  5. Replace the damaged or defective internal parts of the circuit board.
Additionally, consider the following actions:
  • Check and replace any damaged, melted, or worn-out parts of the TV circuit board.
  • Install a dynamic voltage stabilizer to minimize voltage fluctuations, short circuits, and prevent power surges.
  • Ensure that the power cables are securely connected and your TV is receiving the appropriate power.
  • Replace physically deteriorated boards, faulty wires, and defective electrolytic capacitors.
  • Tighten wire connections to ensure proper functioning.
  • Avoid prolonged use of the TV to prevent overheating.

2. Defective LED Backlight

The display of your Hisense TV relies on a backlight, which consists of light sources or small light strips. If these backlights become damaged or fail, your TV screen will not display any images, resulting to Hisense Tv won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes 7 Times.

Several factors contribute to this issue:

  1. Damaged, broken, or faulty backlight.
  2. Non-functioning backlight inverter.
  3. Inadequate power supply to the TV’s mainboard.
  4. Power surges.
  5. Short circuit or circuitry problems.
  6. Excessive electricity frequency variation.
  7. Incorrect voltage supply from the LED driving circuit.


To troubleshoot the backlight issue, follow these steps:
  1. Unscrew all the screws on your Hisense TV.
  2. Turn the TV around and remove the LED panel and frontal housing.
  3. Gain access to the backlight by holding the backlight diffuser.
  4. Inspect each LED individually and replace any damaged ones.
Additionally, consider the following actions:
  • Replace any broken, damaged, or defective backlight, non-functioning inverter, or faulty mainboard.
  • Ensure that the TV’s mainboard is receiving adequate power.
  • Turn off your TV during power outages.
  • Install a voltage stabilizer to address short circuits, high-frequency current variations, and power surge issues.
  • Verify that the LED driving circuit supplies the correct voltage.

3. Blown Capacitors

Capacitors play a crucial role as electric charge reservoirs in Hisense TVs, storing and releasing electric charges in precise amounts. When these capacitors malfunction, it can affect the overall functioning of your TV, resulting in it not turning on and displaying the red light blinking 7 times.

Several factors contribute to this problem:

  1. Capacitors receiving high electrostatic charges.
  2. Damaged, doomed, or swollen capacitors.
  3. Power surges or outages.
  4. Overloaded circuit board.
  5. TV overheating.
  6. Extreme electricity frequency variation.
  7. Defective power outlet.
  8. Loose or faulty wiring connections.
  9. Short circuit or ground faults.
  10. Incorrect fuse selection.
  11. Power board charging high power.


To address issues with blown capacitors, follow these steps:
  1. Remove the back cover of your Hisense TV and inspect the capacitors on the power supply board.
  2. Replace any capacitors that appear doomed or swollen immediately.
Additionally, consider the following actions:
  • Ensure that your TV capacitors are not receiving high electrostatic charges.
  • Replace any faulty power outlets and wiring connections.
  • Avoid operating your TV during power surges or outages.
  • Prevent TV overheating by limiting prolonged usage.
  • Avoid plugging multiple appliances into a single circuit board to prevent overloading.
  • Install a voltage stabilizer to minimize high-frequency variations, short circuits, and power surges.
  • During the installation of new capacitors, select the appropriate fuse.
  • Verify that your TV’s power board is charging the required power.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can resolve the issue of your Hisense Tv won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes 7 Times. Remember to exercise caution and consider seeking professional assistance if needed.


Q1: Why is My Hisense Tv won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes 7 Times?

There could be a few possible reasons for this issue. One common cause is a faulty power supply or a power surge that has damaged the internal components. It could also indicate a problem with the TV’s mainboard or a malfunctioning LED backlight.

Q2: How can I troubleshoot my Hisense TV if the red light is flashing 7 times and it won’t turn on?

First, try unplugging the TV from the power source and waiting for a few minutes before plugging it back in. This can help reset the TV’s internal circuitry. If the problem persists, check the power cable and make sure it’s securely connected. If none of these steps work, it’s recommended to contact Hisense customer support or a professional technician for further assistance.

Q3: Is there anything I can do myself to fix the issue of my Hisense TV flashing a red light 7 times and not powering on?

While there are some basic troubleshooting steps you can try, such as checking the power connection and performing a power reset, more complex issues with the internal components might require professional repair. To avoid voiding the warranty or causing further damage, it’s best to seek assistance from a qualified technician who specializes in TV repairs.

Q4: How long is the warranty period for Hisense TVs, and what should I do if my TV is still under warranty and experiencing the red light flashing issue?

The warranty period for Hisense TVs can vary depending on the model and region. Typically, Hisense offers a standard one-year warranty on their TVs, but they may have extended warranties available for purchase. If your TV is still within the warranty period and experiencing the described issue, it’s recommended to contact Hisense customer support immediately. They will guide you through the warranty claim process and provide appropriate solutions based on your specific situation.

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