Revolutionize Character Creation: Explore the Top 13 AI Character Generators of 2023!

Step boldly into the future of character creation with groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence-powered platforms. Whether you seek to breathe life into a fairy tale persona, sculpt a dynamic 3D model, or craft a captivating anime character, these online AI Character Generators stand ready to manifest your visions into reality.

From spontaneously generated characters that ignite creativity to meticulously crafted designs inspired by your unique concepts, these Character Generators promise an array of boundless possibilities.

Immerse yourself in the realm of AI character generation, where you can fashion cartoon characters, fantastical creatures, and more, all without the hassle of signing up.

Artificial Intelligence is making waves across the globe, evolving in ways previously unforeseen. From chatbots to online shopping, AI technology permeates various aspects of our lives. Notably, in the realm of “AI Character Generation,” it is leaving a substantial mark.

This innovative technology empowers users to create their AI characters using text and engage in conversations with them. AI character generators facilitate the swift transformation of imaginative ideas into visual representations within mere minutes.

With the plethora of options available, you might be pondering which AI character-generating tool reigns supreme. In this article, we unveil the top 13 AI character generators of 2023, complete with insights into their pricing. Seize the potential of AI and embark on your character design journey today!

13 Free AI Character Generators

Here are the top 13 AI character generators designed for creating unique characters and engaging in conversations with them:

1. Character AI

Character AI utilizes neural language models for human-like text responses, enabling users to engage in conversations with fictional characters like Viper, Wednesday Adams, Batman, Wonder Woman, and even celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Brad Pitt. After signing up, users can craft their characters with chosen names, greetings, and avatars.

  • Pricing: Character AI offers a premium plan for $9.99/month, providing additional features for character creation.

2. Perchance AI

Perchance is an AI tool for crafting random characters using textual prompts and various art styles. It fosters a community where users can seek inspiration from others. With a broad spectrum of art styles such as oil painting and illustration, Perchance offers a flexible interface suitable for both beginners and experienced creators.

  • Pricing: Perchance AI is a free character generator, accessible to all users with a simple account creation process.

3. Veed

Veed transforms descriptions and imaginations into visual masterpieces, allowing users to create characters, gaming avatars, and 3D models. Veed automates the generation process, enabling content creators to iterate and fine-tune characters swiftly.

  • Pricing: Veed offers different plans catering to various needs, including Basic Plan at $291/month, Pro Plan at $599/month, and Business Plan at $1500/month.

4. ArtGuru

ArtGuru is a Text AI Character Generator that analyzes user prompts to create characters with a wide range of customizable styles. Featuring a user-friendly interface, ArtGuru employs natural language processing to identify character traits, behaviors, and emotions.

  • Pricing: ArtGuru provides two weekly plans: Mini Plan at $1.99/week (100 credits) and Pro Plan at $3.99/week (400 credits).

5. Toolsday

Toolsday is an AI art generator that turns simple texts into astonishing images. It offers diverse styles such as hyper-realistic, Anime, Digital Art, Fantasy Art, and more.

  • Pricing: Toolsday provides three plans: Basic Plan at $7.95/month (200 credits), Plus Plan at $20/month (800 credits), and Pro Plan at $40/month (2000 credits).

6. Fotor

Fotor is an Anime AI art generator enabling users to create characters with full customization capabilities, including clothing, hairstyle, face, and pose adjustments. Fotor is intuitive and suitable for users with varying levels of expertise.

  • Pricing: Fotor offers two plans: Fotor Pro at $3.33/month (100 credits/month) and Fotor Pro + at $7.49/month (300 credits/month).

7. Artflow

Artflow is a character-generating app for developing lifelike animated characters in various styles, including 3D animation and illustrations. It caters to digital artists, freelancers, and content creators.

  • Pricing: Artflow’s paid plan starts from $2.99/month, providing additional features and capabilities.

8. Zmo

Zmo is an ultimate AI Anime character generator allowing users to create art, anime, and images from text or existing images. It offers features like item replacement, face swapping, and hairstyle changes.

  • Pricing: Zmo provides three plans: Basic Plan at $59/month (30 credits), Pro Plan at $199/month (70 credits), and Enterprise Plan at $799/month (400 credits).

9. PerfectCorp

PerfectCorp is an AI photo editing tool employing deep learning technologies. It offers features like trying on different hairstyles and makeup through image uploads.

  • Pricing: PerfectCorp has three plans: Essential at $399/month (30 Makeup SKU), Premium at $799/month (100 Makeup SKU), and Enterprise (Contact the team for pricing with Unlimited SKU).

10. Crypko

Crypko is an Anime Character generation platform powered by a Generative adversarial network (GAN). Users can generate illustrations of their favorite anime characters using Crypko.

  • Pricing: Crypko offers three plans: Starter Plan at $3.34/month, Standard Plan at $6.82/month, and Premium Plan at $34.67/month.

11. Artbreeder

Artbreeder uses machine learning to generate unique and creative images, allowing users to create animated characters, landscapes, and portraits.

  • Pricing: Artbreeder provides three plans: Starter at $8.99/month (100 credits), Advanced at $18.99/month (275 credits), and Champion at $38.99/month (700 credits).

12. Soulgen

Soulgen is an anime image-generating AI tool creating realistic anime characters from text prompts. It offers an easy-to-use interface for quick AI image generation.

  • Pricing: Soulgen’s premium plan is $9.99/month, with a yearly plan available at $69.99, providing unrestricted access to the AI character-generating tool.

13. Bluewillow AI

Bluewillow AI is an image-generating AI producing amazing images within minutes. Users describe their requirements, and Bluewillow analyzes the prompts to generate suitable images.

  • Pricing: Bluewillow AI offers three plans: Willower Plan at $5/month (50 prompts per day), Blue Angel Plan at $10/month (100 prompts per day), and Sapphire Plan at $20/month (200 prompts per day).


a variety of free and paid character-generating tools are available, offering users the ability to create personalized characters through simple text inputs. The list above provides insights into the top 13 AI character generators along with their respective pricing details, helping users find the most suitable tool for their needs.

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