Why BioArmor?

Protect Yourself and Your Family

At BioArmor we recognized the growing concern over the amount of germs known to be found on smartphones and tablets.

They go everywhere with you and no matter how clean you are, your device is exposed to multiple types of microbes each day.

Now you can have the peace of mind because BioArmor is battling bacteria for you —

We’re talking constant, germ-killing action without lifting a finger - unlike intermittant sprays, lights or cleaning solutions.

Silver is the active ingredient in BioArmor's anti-microbial technology. Silver has been used for many centuries to prevent cell division, damage microbials and prevent the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold. Our patent pending process incorporates silver ions into BioArmor's glass screens—not just a coating that wears away—keeping your phone clean and germs at bay!

Backed by Independent researcher and certified to ISO STANDARD 22196:2011 BioArmor’s anti-bacterial properties have been proven to provide an ultra-clean surface with up to 99.99% protection from harmful microbes - all day long.

View the testing results and the surprised participants in the videos below, and see just how dirty your smartphone may be.

Protect Your Investment

BioArmor isn’t only tough on microbes, it’s tough protection for your expensive device.

With a hardness rating of 9H BioArmor delivers some of the toughest protection on the market.

2x stronger than tempered glass, our sheilds have been proven to be resistant to direct impact and scratches from even sharp knife blades.

Because we use device-specific manufacturing BioArmor screen protectors are guaranteed to have smooth edges and fitted rounded corners that fit your model device for full coverage and protection.

Affordable, with superior protection that’s easy to apply makes BioArmor the smartest and safest choice.

BioArmor vs. the Competition

Leading Brands
Gorilla® Glass
Shatter Proof (9H)
HD Clarity
Ultra Touch Sensitivity
Easy Application
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Full Coverage

BioArmor screen protectors are cleaner, stronger and smarter.