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How Does BioArmor Compare?

Cleaner. Stronger. Smarter.

We have engineered BioArmor to be cleaner, stronger and smarter than the leading brands of screen protectors currently on the market.

BioArmor uses GORILLA® GLASS – that's the glass that your device's screen is made of! Gorilla® Glass scientists performed thousands of hours of tests to understand how and why glass breaks when dropped.

They then developed a way to deliver dramatically improved performance against drops on rough surfaces. How dramatic? In lab tests, GORILLA® GLASS withstood drops up to 2X better than competitive glass designs. Gorilla® Glass is tested on rough surfaces that best approximate the real world of jagged streets, sidewalks and parking lots.

Leading Brands
Gorilla® Glass
Shatter Proof (9H)
HD Clarity
Ultra Touch Sensitivity
Easy Application
Fewer Germs
Active Home Button*
Full Coverage

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